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Buying An Investment Property

Buying An Investment Property

Buying property is the great Australian dream. And once you’ve bought your own home, you might feel the twitch to get into the property market again with your very own investment property. Not only is adding to your property portfolio a legitimate way of securing your financial future, but it can also assist with some of your other financial goals.

Investment Property for Sale

The down side though of buying an investment property right now is that there is a current climate of fear being espoused by the media and in a classic catch 22 situation, that speculation could, in turn, be contributing to a downturn. The good news is that like all cycles, what’s down must come back up, so if you enter the investment property market with a long-term view rather than trying to make a quick buck, you will ride out any bumps along the way. This means that if you’ve been thinking about adding to your property portfolio and snapping up an investment property for sale, there is a way to intelligently invest, but it requires doing your homework and having the right reasons for wanting to invest.


Buying An Investment Property

Property Investment Melbourne

Melbourne took out the crown as the world’s most liveable city for seven years running, only to come second in 2018. And it’s no wonder! We live in a great place with amazing attractions and culture. People from all over the world migrate here every year, and population growth seems to only be increasing year on year.

So where do all these people live? The housing sprawl continues to reach into all corridors of Victoria whilst the city has been developed to within an inch of its life.

Even run-down houses in almost every suburb are snapped up at high prices to be developed and flipped. Television shows like Selling Houses Australia have inspired regular Aussies to have a love affair with property development, whilst larger property developers knock down older homes on larger blocks and knock up a few townhouses that can each be sold for close to the price of the original land. Property investment in Melbourne is booming.


Property Investment Melbourne

The Best Place To Buy Investment Property

If you want to know which are the best property investments to make, just keep doing your research. Currently, most media is reporting that you should stay away from the heavily over developed city and anywhere there is a glut of small poor-quality apartments. As these are not in as high demand at the moment, the return on investment is unlikely to be something to write home about any time soon.

But residential property investment in almost any area of Melbourne is a good investment. Shopping around for residential property in good public school zones is a great investment strategy too. If parents are unable to buy a house in their preferred school zone, they will happily move to the area and rent a house at almost any price to get their beloved kids a good education. And it can often be cheaper to pay higher rent than to pay for private school fees.

Look for investment properties that are close to public transport or close to freeways. These are desirable qualities for a lot of renting city workers and will ensure your investment property is rarely left unoccupied.

If you want to discover property investment strategies, then there are a number of seminars all around Melbourne and lots of resources online when you are ready to start building an investment property portfolio. Start by analysing what is desirable in a property from the renter’s perspective. You don’t just want to invest, you want to reap a return on your investment, and this happens by ensuring you will be able to rent our your investment property for the maximum amount of money and without any down time.


The Best Place To Buy Investment Property

Looking for a Property Investment Company?

If you’re searching for property investment companies to help you in the right direction with building your investment property portfolio, then Modo Project Builders have an outstanding range of investment properties to choose from that will have you well on your way to financial freedom. Our proven investment strategy is a unique property model that allows you to easily invest with a positively geared property and hence less risk.

Our building designs can earn you up to $2700 per week in rental return, equating to $140,000 per year or a 9.4% yield. There are very few other investment properties that can offer you such a great return and they’re a billion times nicer than owning a block of flats.

These high yield buildings can be constructed anywhere you have land, and they’re designed to house up to nine independent workers or students in a stunning modern style of accommodation. Our rooming houses are nothing like the rooming houses of the past. They are a new generation of boarding houses that you have to see to believe.

These stunning buildings are easy to rent out and make a profit on so if you’re serious about getting started in the investment property market have a look at the available options. You can view the full range of designs here.

2 of these…

Amount Total
$470 p/w rent x2 $940 p/w
$48,880 p/a 3.2% yield

Or this!

Amount Total
$300 p/w rent x9 $2,700 p/w
$140,000 p/a 9.4% yield

Contact us today to find out how we can help with your next property construction project.