Affordable Housing National Incentives


A fantastic article by Ian Ugarte of “Small Is The New Big” fame on tax and government incentives to provide affordable housing. We will be meeting with Ian Ugarte next month to discuss his mission to deliver 1,000,000 micro apartments in the next 10 years.

As the Australian population continues to increase, so too does market pressure to provide appropriate and affordable accommodation. Governments across all levels, Federal, State and Local, and are offering the private market great incentives to help address the housing shortage.

Effectively, they are saying that if “you build this style of accommodation we will give you financial reward and, we will give you tax and time approval exemptions.”

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New Generation Boarding Houses


A very informative article written by John Gilmovich, Director of Real Property Manager

Housing affordability especially in high price and population growth suburbs like Sydney’s Inner City and Inner West has become a serious and growing problem. Read more

Big Australia Equals Big Opportunity

Written by: Frank Days

Source: https:

For the past 18 months I have been writing about my concerns around the governments interference with the investment property space. It was apparent to me that making it harder and harder to attain finance, less and less appealing from a tax benefit perspective, and killing the Golden Goose (foreign investment) was going to create massive housing issues in the future.

Now we add the “Big Australia” agenda into the mix as well, disaster looms for all those not prepared.

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